Signature machines

The Signascript signing machines are the ideal office companion for dealing with signature tasks for you. With any ballpoint, fountain or felt-tipped pen, they reproduce signatures and handwritten notes with an unmatched quality and fidelity so that you can focus on your other activities.

Working with all types of documents, our machines can write letters, envelopes, invitations, greeting cards or diplomas. They are therefore not restricted to administrative use and they will allow you to develop an efficient correspondence and a better image through handwriting.

Two categories of machines are available for purchase and leasing:

  • the manual machines Atlantic, Atlantic+, Pacific and Pacific-200 for which the placement of paper is done manually by the operator. Perfect for occasional use, they are particularly compact and easy-to-use.

  • the automatic machines Universelle and Universelle+ which feature an automatic paper feeder that accomodates up to 800 sheets. Adapted for an intensive use, they accept a wide variety of paper sizes and weights.

All our machines are made in France and include a one-year warranty, parts and labor.

In order to produce your signatures and fixed texts, you will have to fill in and send us a signature form. Also, please note that we can send you your signature files by email in one hour with our express service!

To request a brochure or a quote, please contact us by phone or email.